Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Byrne earns Master Professor title

Business instructor Laura Byrne and five of her students came out on top in the most recent Business Strategy Game’s (BSG) international online competition: The Best Strategy Invitational. Byrne sponsored two teams of Douglas students that competed in the Best Strategy Invitational, both of which won in their respective divisions, earning Byrne the title of Master Professor.

However, Byrne insists she played “a small part” in her students’ success. “I did not help the teams once they were in the Best Strategy Invitational simulation. I observed their performance and encouraged them, but they actively participated in the competition of their own volition. Their initiative was really quite something.”

The teams were Funtastic, comprised of students Allyn Edwards and Bang Tran, and Four Real, comprised of Francis Impelido, Michael Phillips, and Cory Smith. The students beat teams from institutions such as the University of Western Ontario, California State University, Channel Islands, Arizona State University, Purdue University, Calumet, and Peru State College.

In the online game, business students from colleges and universities across the world compete as managers of simulated athletic footwear companies. For two weeks, the students act as managers and make tight deadline decisions on everything from production and warehouse operations to budgeting and marketing.

“The interesting aspect of the BSG is that it is all-encompassing. Marketing knowledge and expertise, strong financial analysis skills, administrative and systems operations decisions are all involved,” says Byrne.

While the companies are simulated, the students have to consider real-life factors like the existing markets and currency exchange rates.

Participation in the Best Strategy Invitational is entirely voluntary.

“The students have the satisfaction of having won in an international arena. It’s very rewarding to see them succeed,” says Byrne.

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  1. Congratulations to Laura and to her students!